BE-LogoAs a Business and Enterprise College we aim to develop a business culture throughout the school and integrate business and work-related experiences across the curriculum.

Our four year development plan includes targets to raise students’ achievements and increase participation in our specialist subjects of business and work-related subjects, Maths, ICT and Citizenship.

As a specialist college we can access a wide range of additional funding and opportunities. This has enabled us to:

  • improve our facilities for Business Studies and Maths
  • expand our careers education
  • refurbish our hall to make our presentations to large audiences more professional.
  • provide continuous opportunities for students to interact with business people.
  • enable students to gain valuable experiences of learning how a business runs
  • support students in enterprise ideas

Our goal is to help students develop the attitudes and skills that will help them succeed in the 21st century. We will do this by:

  • setting highly-individual achievement targets for each student
  • developing new teaching techniques to raise educational standards
  • expanding the use of computer-based learning
  • widening the range of courses at 14+
  • developing links with local employers.

Our status as a specialist business and enterprise college therefore supports our overall goal of raising attainment.