Maths Challenge

calculatorBack in June, the Maths department set the whole school a Mathematical challenge.

The premesis team tied a rope from the top of the sports all to the window of F12.  Students were set the challenge of estimating its length.

There was a massive response from all year groups.  Believe it or not, the length was just 43.80 metres, which makes sense if you compare it to the distance of the 100 metre sprint that some of our students ran on Sports Day this year.

ropeAfter much anticipation, I am happy to report that the winner is leonard hoxha in 11C, with an estimate of 43 metres.  Well done to all the runners up and a special congratulations to Leonard.  Enjoy your winnings!

Hey Maths boffins, you could have used Pythagoras or Trigonometry.  Maybe you did but were a little inaccurate.  Look out for the next Maths challenge for the Autumn term.

Mr Matthews – Maths Department