Parent Courses


  • Sewing Box Club
  • Coaching for your child’s success – COMING SOON!
  • ICT Computer courses
  • Bridge School of English

Sewing Box Club

knittingThe sewing club is for all parents to come along and do alterations, make soft furnishings and clothings using patterns.

This FREE club will take place in the Technology department at Conisborough College every Monday, between 3:30-5:30pm

Coaching for your child’s success!

IMGP3675“You never listen to me!”

“Stop nagging, I want to do it my way!”

“you just don’t understand!”

Do these phrases sound familiar?

Offering coaching for parents clearly demonstrates Conisborough College’s desire to support families and therefore our students.

When parents engage with the coaching they are actively seeking to develop their relationship with their children, which can only be of benefit to the school. 

IMGP3662Offering coaching to parents as well as staff, demonstrates an integrated approach to all ‘stakeholders’ of the school.  It demonstrates the ethos of equality between staff and parents, which is how true partnerships are formed and maintained

Parents often view family or parental coaching as a way of addressing the less desirable aspects of their adolescents’ behaviour!. 

In truth non-judgemental coaching will address the relationships and communication between parent and child, which will have greater impact on the welfare of the student than focusing on the behaviour the parents want to get rid of.

IMGP3670Learning how to talk to and listen to people is something that is often glossed over.  Coaching is focused on effective listening; all our relationships depend on this!

When parents engage with coaching, they will be listening to their children.  When parents listen, children will talk more naturally and give parents a greater chance to be involved in their learning.


laptopICT Computer Courses

New CLAIT / CLAIT Plus Certification

Does your child know more about ICT than you?

Get up to date!

  • Basic ICT Concepts
  • Getting started with IT
  • File management
  • E-document production
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Opportunities to gain an entry level / CLAIT Certication in ICT

For more information about the course or to enrol, please call our Head of ICT, Mr Osebor:

020 8461 9600


Bridge School of English

logoEnglish as a Second Language courses for adults

We welcome all family members of Conisborough College students.  Also friends of the family, if they live in Lewisham or Bromley boroughs.

Parents learn to speak, read and write English

Classes are not for parents who already speak fluent English


£20 Registration each term

Call 020 8695 5316