Gallery Examples

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Detailed instructions

Gallery syntax


Replace the regular brackets with the curly ones!

  • thumbs_width” is the target width in pixels for all thumbnails.
  • “thumbs_height” is the target height in pixels for all thumbnails.
  • “display_mode” is the mode in which we want our gallery to display. It takes only 2 values, either “0” or “1”. “0” means “normal mode” and “1” means “single thumbnail mode”.
  • “caption_mode” control how captions (labels) are displayed. It takes only 3 values, either “0” (no captions), “1” (caption with generic messages) or “2” (captions coming from labels.txt files).

Gallery (using the default settings and custom captions file)


Gallery (using the single thumbnail override)


Gallery (default with default captions)