Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

globe_photoDuring the spring term, Year 7 students have been studying Shakespeare for the first time in English lessons.  To help students understand drama during Shakespeare’s time, all members of Globe Faculty visited Shakespeare’s Globe theatre in Central London.

At the Globe Theatre, the students learned what theatres looked like 400 years ago and the role of drama as an entertaining and educating force.

Year 7 students have also been studying one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays – The Tempest.  At the Globe Theatre we were able to act out parts of the play in dramatic workshops with real actors.  This really developed our understanding of characters in The Tempest, giving us inspiration for when it came to writing about the characters in English assessments.

After visiting the theatre we all went to the Globe Theatre museum.  Here we were able to understand a bit more about life in Shakespeare’s time, which was really different to life in the 21st century.   As electricity had not yet been invented, there were no electric lights in Shakespeare’s world, so suddenly we could understand why the Globe theatre needed to have a big hole in the roof, to let the light in as the audience wouldn’t have been able to see the actors on stage otherwise!

Mr T. Davis – Year 7 Achievement Leader